Poncho Sanchez Endorsements
Poncho Sanchez plays REMO "Poncho Sanchez" congas with Remo FIBERSKYN® 3/NUSKYN®/SKYNDEEP® TYPE 7 Tucked drumheads, uses Audix Microphones, Regal Tip timbale sticks, and Zildjian Cymbals exclusively.
Remo Coming from both African and Cuban influences, it's no wonder the Conga drum has played such a major role in modern music. The traditional Cuban Conga was made from olive barrels or steam-bent staves of wood glued together with a calf or buffalo head tacked to it.
Remo's technological advances, such as ACOUSTICONTM shells, NUSKYNTM Vintage Wrap or FIBERSKYN® 3 crimped heads, and Soft Touch rims offer the latest innovative manufacturing methods and materials for a great sound. The result has been a significant enhancement in the sound and performance capabilities of these exceptional instruments. Remo Tuff-E-Nuff Poncho Sanchez Congas
Remo congas are 30" tall and offered in the Poncho Sanchez Signature Series "wide body" design that allows a deeper, more resonant sound, with greater projection than conventional conga designs. They come in a choice of either a Type 4 FIBERSKYN® 3 or Type 7 NUSKYNTM head. The NUSKYNTM head comes with the TUFF-E-NUFF® finish while the FIBERSKYN® 3 head comes on any of the four sparkle-painted finishes or three Fabrifinish congas.

Audix offers a broad product base of high-quality professional sound equipment including live and studio microphones as well as a complete line of powered speakers and passive monitors. The Poncho Sanchez Latin Jazz Band employs the D-Series Audix Microphones.

Regal Tip has the distinction of being the first of today's major drumstick companies to have always manufactured all of it's own drumsticks, without relying on outside woodworkers to manufacture for them. Since it's beginning Regal Tip has continued to introduce new and innovative products to the world of percussion. In drumsticks alone, the Regaltip line now includes over 60 models in both wood and nylon tip, manufactured of solid white U.S. Hickory, or Canadian Rock Maple. The Poncho Sanchez Latin Jazz band uses 212T & 276T Timbale Sticks.

Zildjian The Poncho Sanchez Latin Jazz band endorses Zildjian Cymbals.

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